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The Ouroboros

Photographs by Frank Wammen.
The infinite cycle of nature and humanity's endless creation and destruction, life and death, giving and taking.
Come February 20th, Periferien returns to present a new exhibition. This time, Allmuen's walls will be covered by the mesmerising photographs of Frank Wammen.

Frank Wammen (b. 1986) hails from Bergen, Norway. He started his journey into the world of photography in 2005, and graduated Norges Kreative Fagskole in 2008. Since then, he has primarily worked with analogue photography. His work is centered around portrayals of nature and city life, captured during one of his many voyages around the world.

For earlier work, see @wammenphoto on Instagram.


Periferien opened its first exhibition in February 2013 at the legendary techno club Kosmo, and later continued the concept at Klubb KOK. It has functioned as a broad arena to exhibit art made by artists both with and without a formal art education, and has shown works by more than 40 local artists in solo and group exhibitions. Periferien will now take the shape of a working grant covering two annual exhibitions at Allmuen

Frank Wammen - The ouroboros
The ouroboros
Frank Wammen

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